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Wellfleet and Truro, Massachusetts

Schematics by Fuss & O'Neill

The schematics below by design engineers Fuss & O'Neill, Inc. show the concept of the CNR Bridge to replace the existing 100 year dike. The bridge with tide control gates will allow natural tidal flow to once again exist in the Herring River Estuary.

Return of the Tide


The Herring River Estuary in Wellfleet and Truro was an unrestricted tidal marsh until 1909 when a dike was constructed across the mouth of the river.   The restoration project underway will restore tidal flow in the esturary and result in ecological and social benefits.  The video presents the early history of the estuary, what happened following the construction of the dike and the the condition of the river today. 

Click the arrow button above to watch the Return of the Tides video. If you want to see the video on a larger screen size, please click here to view it on Vimeo's website.


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