Friends of Herring River
Wellfleet and Truro, Massachusetts
Project Activities for the Friends of Herring River

Project Activities

After several years of environmental studies, engineering analyses and development of conceptual designs to replace the existing dike at Chequessett Neck Road activity is now focused on designs to replace the dike with a bridge and control gates to manage the tide. These designs also include raising low lying roadways that may, at times, be flooded with tide restoration and measures to protect private property including control structures at Mill Creek and Upper Pole Dike Creek where more development is located.
Reintroduction of tidal flow is a long-term, phased process that will occur over several years. Gradual opening of adjustable control gates at the new Chequesset Neck Bridge will incrementally increase the tidal range in the river. The primary reasons to implement the project in this manner are to avoid unexpected or sudden irreversible changes to the river and Wellfleet Harbor and to allow monitoring of the system so that unexpected and/or undesirable responses can be detected and appropriate remedial actions taken.