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What's Wrong with the Herring River


There has been much written and said about the current status of the Herring River.  Among other reasons, there is strong scientific evidence to support the return of natural tidal flow into the estuary. 


Click here for a copy of a presentation by John Portnoy addressing the history and current status of the Herring River.



High Toss Road Public Meeting Notes


The concept of a marsh level crossing across the entire length of the floodplain and a timber bridge structure over the main channel of the Herring River at High Toss was presented at a public meeting on February 11th.   The concept was developed as a result of public comments during the June 2015 public hearing and at the request of the Wellfleet Board of Selectmen.   Approximately 25 citizens attended and offered comments onn the concept.


Click here for a copy of the revised meeting notes.

Click here for a copy of the video demonstrating the tide cycle at High Toss upon completion of the restoration project.

Click here for a copy of the presentation at the February 11th public meeting.


The Wellfleet Board of Selectmen met on Tuesday, February 23rd to review the marsh level crossing concept and hear the results of the February 11th public meeting.  The Board also heard comments from residents attending the Board of Selectmen meeting.  The Board decided to defer a decision on how High Toss Road, specifically from Snake Creek Road to Griffin's Island will be addressed in the restoration planning.  Options range from removal of this section of High Toss Road which would not provide access at this location to Griffin's Island to a range of options that would allow access for pedestrian, bike and equistrian recreational use.


Individuals who wish to share comments or have questions may contact us at info@friendsofherringriver.org or send your comments by letter or message to the Board of Selectmen at Town Hall.


2016 Herring Count Kick Off Meeting - Wednesday March 30th


Friends of Herring River - 7th Annual Herring Count - We will be kicking off our 7th annual herring count program with a public meeting at the Wellfleet Public Library, Wednesday March 30 2016 , 10.30 to noon.


Program details will follow.  This program not only supports the restoration of the Herring River in Wellfleet but is part of a statewide effort to rebuild river herring populations.

All are welcome .. whether you plan to be an active counter or just have an interest in the river and fisheries in Massachusetts.



 "Our Cape Cod Salt Marshes" by Dorothy Sterling


 In 1976, Dorothy Sterling, a Wellfleet resident and author, wrote a book titled "Our Cape Cod Salt Marshes" in cooperation with The Association to Preserve Cape Cod.  It's a wonderful history and description of our local marshes.


Click here to view a copy, or check it out in our Library.  Well worth reading.



 New Library Seminar Series


Starting on April 5th there will be a series of weekly seminara at the Library on the history, current status, and future of the Herring River.  The semiars will start at 6:30 pm and, because of demand, are a repeat of talks presented late last year.  In addition a new siminar on horseshoe crabs has been added to the series. 




Friends of Herring River Office


Friends of Herring River has an office on the corner of Route 6 and Old Kings Highway in South Welllfleet.  The office is open daily from 9 am to 1 pm and is used regularly by Friends' and the project team for meetings and conducting restoration business.  If we're there, drop in and see us.



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